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SOUNDS OF STILLNESS - A Journey into the Third Ear is a professionally recorded CD of Gong meditations, with no added effects. Each track was recorded in one take in Newhaven during the summer of 2007. Played by Gongmaster Sheila Whittaker, recorded by Gordon Coxon. The intention is to invite the listener on a journey within, into the third ear, where we hear with the whole of our being - to discover the sounds of Stillness deep within - the sounds of the Soul.

We have had very good feedback from purchasers of this CD praising its calming & meditative effects.

Track 1 : 60" Universal Gong - 7 mins
Track 2 : Meditation with 7 different Gongs - 26 mins
Track 3 : Finale - various Gongs - 22.5 mins.


Sounds of Stillness was recorded in 2007


Sounds of Stillness

£12.00 Regular Price
£5.00Sale Price
  • Postage & packing charges of £3 per book are included & apply within the UK only. We're unable to ship internationally at this time.

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