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In her second book - In the Heart of the Gong Space : the Gong as a Spiritual Tool - Sheila draws on her many years of experience as a musician, teacher, sound healer, gongmaster and spiritual seeker, to give us further insights into the healing world of the gong – the ultimate sound healing instrument. This book goes much more deeply into the work with the gong & is intended for intermediate gong players, for other energy healers, and for those with an interest in spirituality. In this book the spiritual aspects of the gong’s power are explained more fully, illustrated with fascinating insights into the author’s own personal experiences with this remarkable instrument. The gong is essentially a tool for the raising of consciousness, and this is discussed fully in the book.

The book, some 372 pages, is divided into two sections : Section 1 is devoted mainly to the practical aspects of working with the gong in therapy situations. Section 2 focuses largely on spiritual growth, with the gong as the central theme. The spiritual aspect is a crucial part of our healing work with the gong. This includes our own healing, as well as that of our clients, students, and all those with whom we work.

Chapters include : Giving a One-to-one Gongbath Treatment, Client Care, Working with Other Gong Players, Entraining Symphonic Gongs, Spiritual Growth & Self Development, Holding the Energy Space for Clients, Psychic Knowing & the Third Eye, and Return to the True Self.


This is Sheila's second book, published in October 2012

In the Heart of the Gong Space

  • In the Heart of the Gong Space - the Gong as a Spiritual Tool, by Sheila Whittaker. There is also a Kindle Digital version which is available to download from Amazon

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