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Two gongs are involved in the making of this essence – the 32” Sound Creation Earth gong, and the 28” Sidereal Day Planet gong. The Sidereal Day gong specifically treats the lower sacral organs and digestive system. Earth gongs are our connection to the planet we are living on. Collectively they are associated with the heart chakra and connect us with the heart of the earth and all her beings. Earth gong sounds bring us into harmony with the movement and cycles of our mother Earth. They provide balance and grounding, firmly earthing us here in this incarnation. They enable us to be comfortable in our body here, so that we are able to take our rightful place in the scheme of things and fulfill our role effectively. Take this essence when you feel ungrounded or are unable to get out into nature to re-charge.

All Gong Essences are ©Sheila Whittaker, Healing Sound. All rights reserved.

Gong Essence SC & Planet Earth Gongs: Earthing

  • Postage & packing charges of £3 per essence are included & apply within the UK only. Please email for other countries.

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