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The 40" Om Gong is a very special gong, made in Nepal, and inscribed all over with Sanskrit Mantras, with the Om sign in the centre. It has very deep complex tones that excavate old energy and clear out those very deepest darkest corners on all levels of our being, from this and many past lifetimes. An essence for those who are really serious about spiritual growth. This gong is not for the faint-hearted, as it will majorly “bring your stuff up” to be cleared. The Om gong resides with Sheila and is a very powerful healing tool which she uses only with clients who are ready for that depth of spiritual work. When Sheila first started working with this gong she had a healing crisis, such was its power to clear all timelines simultaneously. This essence is to be used in small doses when you have time and space to process its effects.


All Gong Essences are ©Sheila Whittaker, Healing Sound. All rights reserved.

Gong Essence 40” Om Gong: Excavation & Release

  • Postage & packing charges of £3 per essence are included & apply within the UK only. Please email for other countries.

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