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Sedna is the Norse goddess of the ocean, and her sound is deep, warm, nurturing and watery. The 38" Sedna gong has perhaps the densest harmonic structure of all the Paiste Planet gongs. She is the purifier : her sound helps to clear toxic emotions, cleanse the thyroid, and open the heart chakra to increased love. She is about seeing things from a global standpoint, enabling compassion and forgiveness, expansion and transformation. Her purifying tones help to elevate the chakras to the next level. Sedna is a good essence to take when you have “been through it” and need to cleanse your system both physically and emotionally.


All Gong Essences are ©Sheila Whittaker, Healing Sound. All rights reserved.

Gong Essence 38” Sedna Gong: Purification

  • Postage & packing charges of £3 per essence are included & apply within the UK only. Please email for other countries.

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