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The 32” Mercury gong, made by the Paiste company, is attuned to communication and speed. Its sound is quite direct, cutting straight to the heart of any problem and bringing it to the surface to be resolved. This can be a showy gong, with magnificent shimmering harmonics in the upper register, which cut through any dross and help the opening of the throat chakra. Mercury enables us to speak our truth and communicate clearly. It aids our self empowerment and self expression. Take this essence when you need help with speaking out, have low self esteem, or feel disempowered. Especially recommended for those born under the astrological signs of Gemini and Virgo.


All Gong Essences are ©Sheila Whittaker, Healing Sound. All rights reserved.

Gong Essence 32” Mercury Throat Chakra Gong

  • Postage & packing charges of £3 per essence are included & apply within the UK only. Please email for other countries.

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